01. 茜色の夕陽は
02. その想いの先に
03. 終幕

They’ll protect Phantomhive’s secrets and pride from anything. That’s what makes a Phantomhive servant.

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I will love you forever.

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Cross Road - Scenery

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Endless list of favourite FF characters 2/? - Lightning (FFXIII)

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Saints by the People in the Box (x)

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Quotes by Toono Sayo - Shinigami to Shoujo (with my lame translations and edits) Spoilers

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Zankyou no Terror / Ending / 誰か、海を。

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I promise you. I’ll swim it all the way through. I want to swim. I want to swim the relay with all of you.

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Why are there so many cuties in my inbox?? I don’t know how to respond to affections and nice things ///////////

Cute Red Spinning Flower